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L-Star LS System Specifications


Dimensions LS3048 LS4896
Depth 55" (140 cm) 122" (310 cm)
Width 82" (208 cm) 82" (208 cm)
Height 49" (125 cm) 59" (150 cm)
Working Field
Work Area 30"x50" (76x127) 50"x100" (127x250)


Additional Information:
Drive Type: Advanced Micro Stepping
Laser Type:

Sealed CO2 Laser Tubes

Power 90 or 170 watt power options
Maximum Engraving Speed: 150 IPS
Interface: Ethernet
Beam Delivery: Hybrid Flying Optic
Focus Optic: 1.5", 2.5", or 4" FL Optic


Standard LS Configuration

• 32-Bit Motion Electronics with Ethernet Interface


• High Speed Precision AC Servo Drive System


• Remote Hand Held Pendant


• 1.5" FL Optic Assembly


• Optic Cleaning Kit & Maintenance kit


• Beam Alignment Kit


• Air Assist Plumbing