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Vytek L-StarL-Star Models

The Vytek laser LS series while our entry level system in the L-Star series is a feature rich system with many of the performance features of the LST line. The LS line is primarily designed for engraving applications where the power and speed requirements of the system are not as demanding as the LST configuration. The LS series boosts an engraving speed of up to 100 IPS (inches per second) and utilizes micro stepping drives for unprecedented engraving detail. The standard system comes with and engraving deck and an adjustable head assembly. Laser choices include 35 and 75 watt  RF excited sealed CO2 laser assemblies. The LS family consists of 2 product groups the LS entry level system with our LS 3648 (36" x 48") and our LS 4896 (49" x 98")


The Vytek laser LST series is the high performance model with a host of features. The LST models were designed with both cutting and engraving in mind. With engraving speeds of up to 200 IPS (inches per second) and cutting speeds up to 20 IPS the LST is a high performance work horse. With all servo drives and integrated table lift system the ST is the best equipped large format laser system on the market. Laser choices include 75 120,170 and 250 watt RF excited sealed CO2 laser assemblies.

The LST range includes 3 main models: LST 4848 (4' x 4') LST4896 (4' x 8') and LST610 (6' x 10')


The newest laser in the L-Star series is the L-Star 450 Watt. It has all of the features of the LST series, but with the added capabilities of a 450 watt, water cooled laser. This system is available in 4 standard sizes: LST 4848 (4' x 4') LST4896 (4' x 8') and LST610 (6' x 10'), as well as custom sizes. This system can cut metal up to 3/16" thick steel and up to 25mm acrylic. With its Integrated lift table and live Z axis it's a production solution that will fit nicely into your shop. Not only is it built for production, it's also built for accuracy with its precision ground helical rack and pinion rails and all servo drives, which provide accuracy to .000xxxx per inch. Contact us to learn more about the newest system in the L-Star series of Vytek Lasers.


The L-Star range is large enough to handle big jobs but compact enough to fit into even the smallest shops. The L-Star also the one of most flexible laser systems on the market with fantastic cutting and engraving features as well as a host of productivity options and everything in between. The L-Star is really a business in itself.



LST4848 (4’x 4’/1300 mm x 1300 mm)
LST4896 (4' x 8'/1300 mm x 2500 mm)
LST 610 (6' x 10'/2000 mm x 3000 mm)

With special sizes & enclosures available upon request.