FiberCAB FC Series

What makes the FC Series the next generation fiber laser system?

The FiberCAB combines the latest developments in fiber laser technology with next generation air- and water-cooled lasers. These attributes combined with Vytek’s high-accuracy positioning system and simple, easy-to-use CNC controls ensure that the FiberCAB series is the most advanced and cost effective, industrial-grade cutting system on the market.

Quality and Performance

The FiberCAB series was developed to offer highly accurate cutting capabilities while maintaining the industry's most energy-efficient footprint. With its high-performance motion system and fiber sources, the FiberCAB achieves a level of quality and throughput that is unprecedented for a laser system at any price.

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What are the features and options of the FiberCAB FC Series?


What can I do with a FiberCAB FC Series Fiber Laser System?

As part runs have gotten smaller and the products more complex the demand to lower costs has never been greater. Long lead times are a thing of the past and manufacturing today is on demand.

The solution FiberCab...

Whether prototype or production, the FiberCAB is ready for the challenge even when requirements suddenly change. The FiberCAB is really three machines in one. It is not only capable of cutting, but welding and engraving as well. With its ability to process a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the FiberCAB is truly the solution for today’s manufacturer.


Ease of Use

How quickly will I be up and running and cutting parts?
with Vytek's training and support
you will be up and running on day one
Don't worry, we understand everyone is not a computer genius. Our training programs are built for people of different abilities.


What will it cost to operate this system? What are my consumables?
What is my ROI?
Your accountant will approve.
Vytek Laser Cutting, Engraving, and Welding Systems

With one of the lowest upfront costs for a laser system, the FiberCAB has the shortest payback period of just about any other laser system on the market. With our base machine starting at $169,995, the justification to purchase has never been easier.

No more laser alignment!
Energy & Cost Efficient Laser Cutting, Engraving and Welding Systems

Simple is smart. The FiberCAB offers the right blend of industrial-grade engineering without complex adjustments or operations. With its straightforward, fiber-beam delivery; no mirrors to adjust; and air-cooled lasers, the FiberCAB is virtually maintenance-free. It lets you produce more parts in less time without the headaches and expense of traditional laser systems.

Operational Costs
Costs less to operate
Low Cost Ownership for Laser Cutting System

There are benefits to both CO2 and fiber laser systems. Your selection should take into consideration all of your cutting needs. If your primary focus is metal cutting, a fiber laser uses half the power consumption of CO2. The highly-focused spot density results in cutting speeds up to four times faster. A fiber laser system will also maintain a consistent wattage output with up to 100,000 hours of laser life, and will not need recharging like a CO2 cutting system.

Machine Sizes
Will the FiberCAB fit in my shop?
Fiber Cutting Systems for Small Size

You’re paying for the space in your shop, why fill it up with a machine with a larger footprint? The FC44 has a work area of 51" x 51" and a footprint of 7' x 7' 3". Need a larger work area? The FC48 has a work area of 51" x 98" while still maintaining a small footprint of 11' x 7' 3". Need a larger size? The FC510 and FC512 are available if needed. But don't let the small footprint fool you, the FC44, FC48, FC510 and FC512 can be equipped with up to 20,000 watts of fiber laser power. Both models can cut a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Have additional requirements?

Vytek manufactures galvo--and gantry-based equipment with CO2, fiber, green and UV lasers.
CO2 Cutting & Engraving

The L-Star is an industrial, CO2, gantry-based laser system with laser power options from 35 to 1500 watts. The L-Star is a powerful engraving and cutting solution with table sizes that range from 4' x 4' to 6' x-10'.

Fiber Marking & Engraving

The Compact Series is our desktop, fiber-laser marking solution. The standard features of the Compact series go well beyond entry-level with our network interface, integrated live-Z axis, rotary-ready software and ergonomic design.

Special Systems

Our FiberCAB Tower and FiberCAB XL offer a wide range of laser options including fiber from 20- to 200-watt pulsed; fiber green in 10 watts; and CO2 to 400 watts. The XL model has the ability to fit parts up to 3' x 3' x 3'!

XYZ Welding

Our XYZ system combines the speed and efficiency of a galvo-positioning system with the flexibility of a gantry-based X-Y table. The Compact XYZ has 12" in the Y-Axis, 25" in the X-Axis, and 15" of stroke in the Z-Axis. This system can be built to either mark and engrave, or to weld.


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